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Bob “Munn” Munroe

We then went on to visit Bob Munroe, a fabricator for both bikes and hot rods. He and Jeff have been friends for many years as they share a long history, working in the same business.  Bob is a quiet, gentle unassuming guy who has had to deal with a lot in his life. He was really welcoming – genuinely enthusiastic about his work.   

He has a large workshop behind his house –hot rods, bikes and tons of fabricating equipment all squeezed into this space.  As Jeff pointed out, it was difficult to believe this workshop has also been featured on “Biker Build off”.  Munn has always worked for himself until recently going to work for Steve Moel.


My favourite vehicle was the original ‘33/’34 Ford phaeton.  This looks just like the car we all imagine we are going to find in an old barn – untouched for many years.  It had a genuine patina of age – the leather of the seats cracked with age but all the stitching and piping could be seen.  It was actually an eBay purchase and cost him $50,000 so not quite a “barn find”

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