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Bob Walden

Bob Walden set up Walden Speed Shop in 2005 dedicated to saving old hot rods one panel at a time.  The huge workshop was full of hot rods and frames in bare steel so we could immediately see the quality of his work.  Keith chatted to one of the fabricators as Bob was busy when we arrived.  As soon as he could, Bob was pleased to spend time with us – obviously justifiably proud of the work he does and keen to show his talent.

Bob was telling us that all the panels were made in this workshop.  Keith was puzzled “I can’t see an English wheel anywhere” “Don’t like them, I use a Yoder”- obviously uses “the force” we thought, looking for a little green man.  He took us over to a gigantic machine. “I hammer all the panels using this power hammer.

Keith said he would be pleased to paint these as the finish was incredible.  This is praise indeed from a paint sprayer as you will know if you have ever had the misfortune to paint poor panel work.

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