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Sid Moses

Although not a painter himself, Sid spent a lifetime supporting the great artists of the custom world.  He supplied their materials specialising in striping equipment: brushes, paint, books etc.  He sadly died this year aged 92  - still an active business man always looking for new products to sell.

We decided to visit Sid on our way to the airport at the end of our last California visit.  He worked out of a flat in a 1930s building on Santa Monica Boulevard – not far from Rodeo Drive.  We squeezed into the overcrowded office, stacked with paperwork and hot – unbelievably he had a heater on in LA.  He introduced us to his two employees – how they all worked in such a crowded space I can’t imagine.

He was really pleased to see us & wanted to take our picture.  “I know –even better” he said, getting excited “and ran off.  He came back with a camcorder.  Randy decided Sid should “film” us in front of a Harley Davidson pick up in front of the building.  The owner of the truck was slightly puzzled but waited while Sid worked out the technicalities of the camcorder.  He managed to record a rare occurrence – us singing “Happy Birthday” as it was his birthday.

Keith stocked up on dagger brushes, but Sid could not resist trying to sell us more stuff.   He showed Keith new materials and persuaded him to buy some samples before starting on me.  “What about a metal detector?  I’ve got these great new talking watches – do you want Spanish or English speaking?” We had to leave as time was running out.  On arrival at LAX, Karen realised she had left her jacket at Sid’s.  We rang and he assured us he would send it on.  A few weeks later we got an email asking if Keith needed any thing else as he could send this with the jacket.  Keith gave in and bought a new book.  What a salesman!